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Hey there, we are Andrew and Cadey Korson - two Michigan natives living in New Zealand. In 2014 my wife dragged me across the world's largest ocean to a small island in the French Pacific that most Americans have never even heard of. "What do you think about going to New Caledonia for three months while I do some research," she said... Nervous about visiting a country halfway across the world, where less than 5% of the population speaks English, I boarded the plane with a healthy dose of skepticism about how much I was going to enjoy this international traveling thing. But from the moment that plane took off (after being cancelled once and delayed twice), we have not looked back. We criss-crossed the continental United States for several years before jumping the Atlantic pond to Northern Finland and skipping across the Asian continent and another ocean to land in New Zealand. From the USA and Finland to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Turkey, Greece, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Spain, New Caledonia, and New Zealand, we have only begun to check off locations on our bucket list.

Cadey has a Ph.D. in political geography, specializing in indigenous rights and small island states. Her job, Lecturer in Human Geography at Massey University, is what brought us to New Zealand. And me? I am your typical millennial. In the past eight years I have worked as a landscaper, snow shoveler, window washer, painter, car salesman (for one day), commercial salesperson, and zamboni driver for an ice arena (true story). After moving to Finland in 2015 I made the shift to something I was more passionate about: travel and landscape photography. It was an opportunity to capture the amazing places we have traveled to. Together, we make up Alpha Charlie Nomad. If you are longing for a life of experiences and adventure, or just want to see some amazing photos and live vicariously through some modern nomads, you are in the right place! We are passionate about sharing how and why we travel as well as advice on moving abroad, traveling with Celiac disease, photography, and so much more. 

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